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Accelerated is a distributed GPU platform to build and run all your apps and services. Join our waitlist if you'd like to give us a try during our private beta.
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GPU compute for the right cost. πŸ’Έ
Nvidia has been taking advantage of you for far too long now 😠. Server-grade GPUs perform the same way as consumer GPUs (the one's you can find in a PC) but cost 4-5x more 😯 than consumer GPUs. Nvidia has a licensing deal that forces cloud providers like AWS and Google Cloud to only put server-grade (expensive) GPUs in their datacenters πŸ˜•
We're here to right this wrong βœ…. We provide you consumer GPUs that perform just as well as your AWS GPU instances but for 1/2 the cost.
It’s about time.
All Your Services in One Place
Cloud Gaming
Desktop and Web Clients
60 FPS Streaming
Full Gamepad Support
Machine Learning
Dedicated GPU Instances
Cloud Sync on Training Data
Auto Backup on Model Checkpoints
Desktop as a Service
Windows and Linux
Fully Managed Instances
24/7 Customer Support
Video Streaming
OBS Support
Youtube and Twitch Support
Edge Content Delivery
Moving to Accelerated reduced our hosting bill by 40% and our video streams have never looked better.
Jae Macy
Engineer at Zoous, Inc
Simple and Predictable Pricing
$75 USD /mo
32 GB Memory
200 GB Storage
2x Nvidia 1080Ti's
Forum + Slack Support
$500 USD /mo
256 GB Memory
1 TB Storage
2x Nvidia 1080Ti's
24/7 Premium Support
Build with Accelerated
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